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She was a lousy employee in that bookstore.  She kept all day complaining about how hard her work was.  She didn’t want to clean the bookshelves, or prepare the shipments, neither she cared of the old people entering the shop that needed some advice.

Then she was sent to the underground.  The manager asked her to label the boxes with it’s contents.  Not a tough work, he said.

He came back and found her sitting over some old bed, painting her nails and texting with her cell phone.  

It was too much for him.  He took her by force and tied her to the bed.  Her legs spread, her panties ripped apart, her mouth gagged.  She looked like a frog on a dissection table.

- You got it, bitch…   From now on your work will be just to lay here.  All the guys who work in the store deserve a needed relief and you’ll be responsible for that…-  he said in anger

-I name you “cum manager responsible for sexual relief and confort”.  Every now and then I’ll get to you to check if your cunt needs to be emptied or not…-   he added in an more calm voice

Now, let me call all them down here so to announce the news.  Also I plan to get a box near you for tips.  Perhaps you can do bigger money this way and even expand to all the shopping mall.

While she heard his steps going up the stairs she couldn’t help but feeling how her exposed cunt started to glisten in the increasing moisture of her unwilled arousal

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